May 2, 2011

Photo Shoot with Eee & Bee Photographers

A little over a week ago, I joined my brother and his wife (owners and photographers of Perspicacious Photography Eee & Bee Photographers) in a maternity photo shoot with a blogger friend of mine, Miranda, from A Miriginal Life (finally got to meet someone whose blog I read daily!!).  As I have an interest in photography and am in the process of learning all things about my camera, what better way to learn than actually get out and SHOOT!!  Now...since then, I've been extremely busy (Easter, putting my house back together after a whirlwind weekend of painting, etc etc), so I haven't even had a chance to transfer my images from my camera to the computer... But, I thought you might want to take a look at some of Perspicacious Photography's Eee & Bee's I right? They turned out amazing (and look at Miranda's nursery!! Isn't that a cool idea? They even have a guitar-style growth chart [you can catch a sneak peak on Miranda's blog here])

{all images via Eee & Bee}
Perspicacious Photography Eee & Bee is a new Edmonton and area photography company.  They're trying to fill their portfolio with a variety of images, and just recently finished their first engagement session and have already booked a newborn session (can't wait to see pics!!). If you're interested, check out their blog or facebook page and contact Brant or Elizabeth.


  1. Thanks for the awesome plug! Hopefully lots of people want some really cheap (aka free) pictures! haha We're working on the name still, lots of exciting things to come for us! Thanks

  2. Thanks for the plug for my blog too!! It was awesome shooting with Liz and Brant and yourself...were you able to get any good shots? If you ever want to go on a photo walk, let me know! It's a good way to get out and learn your camera :)