May 22, 2011

Wedding Pictures = Bedroom Art

Please forgive me for my blogging hiatus, I've been extremely busy. This will be a short post as it is.... We finally received our blown up, photoshopped wedding pictures from our photographer (for better images, please see my previous post here), and I absolutely LOVE them!!! Here's a quick snap from my iPhone:

I wish I could give you a better pic, but my weekend was spent traveling to Calgary for a birthday, walking the Calgary Zoo (where I snapped hundreds of pics and now need to go threw them before I have time for a bedroom photo shoot...sorry!!), off to my nephews 2nd birthday party tomorrow, then back into the full swing of work, baseball season, and renovations... I promise to fill you in soon, but for now, I just hope you'll bear with me as my posts are irregularly timed....

Thank you!!

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May 9, 2011

Bedroom Art Replacement

We are finally replacing the hideous bird pictures that hang above our bed!  I bought the pictures from a Showhome Furniture sale my work had awhile ago, simply for the beautiful matting that these pictures had.  The birds, however, were never a love of mine. They've worked over the years, moving from our dining room to above our master bed. Now, I'm happy to say, we're finally replacing them with some texturized pictures from our wedding!! Yay!!  I'm ordering the prints today, and I can't wait to get them in the room!

Wedding pics by Leah Rae Photography.  To check out more pictures from our wedding, visit Leah's (old) blog here.

May 5, 2011

Beach House in the City

I came across this amazing blog recently.  For those of you that appreciate a good design, a great reno, and have an appetite for something out of the box, you need to take a look at Natalie's house from Beach House in the City, located in Calgary, Alberta.  Having this type of house located so close to my own (about 2.5 hours away) just makes me appreciate it that much more.

She went from a kitchen that looked like this:

To a house that looks like this:

{images via Beach House in the City}
I think her house should be a showhome, don't you?

After replacing the flooring a few years back with dark hardwood and it resulting in a disastrous mess after a few years of wear, she decided to take a risk and PAINT her floors. Doesn't it look STUNNING?  It looks exactly like a Beach House in the City...for more pictures, visit Natalie's blog.

May 4, 2011

Lamp Shades

Awhile ago I painted our bedroom lamps an aqua blue (on right, below).  They looked great... until we bought a painting for the room.   In keeping with the blue-ish hue that our curtains give off, we purchased a blue lily canvas from Homesense (at least, I think it's a lily...I'm horrible with flowers....).  Since having the painting in the room, the lamps just looked wrong.  Well, they looked great, but they were the wrong shade of blue.  Aqua was too bright with everything else in the room.  So, a few weekends ago, I packed them up again and brought them to my parents place (we don't have a garage to spray paint in). 

We applied two coats of Bahama Sea over the Blue Ocean Breeze, and now they look the right color, don't you think? (Ok, I know that I'm HORRIBLE at taking pictures of my own house, but I promise, I WILL take some pics this weekend!)  See how the painting just didn't have any aqua in it? They just didn't work....I guess that's why you should pick your paint based on things you have, instead of buy things based on your paint color.... hmmm...learn from mistakes, right?

So I love the lamps now (again).  That is, except for the lamp shades.  I always thought they were quite yellow before:

And they looked a little less yellow after the first color:

But now (sorry, no picture), they look SO yellow! Gross, actually.  So I came across this DIY painted lamp shade at Bon Temps Beignet blog. I thought this could be another alternative to the DIY burlap shade, although they would still be yellow, just not AS yellow...

What do you think? 

DIY Painted Lamp Shade from Bon Temps Beignet

It doesn't have to be zebra print (after all, I do love damask and could use the Decorative Wall Art Pattern from All Things Thrify...)

{via All Things Thrify}

May 3, 2011

House of Fifty Magazine

If you're looking for a new magazine to peruse, I recommend taking a look at House of Fifty. It's a new online magazine that has tonnes of information and pictures to adore.

I do love finding new ways to organize....although most of the time I don't implement them....

I quite enjoy #4, #13, #16, #24, #38 and #39 (which I'm learning to do more often with my hubby!!)

Again with the organization!! Can you imagine having THIS as your pantry?!?!
{all images via House of Fifty}

May 2, 2011

Photo Shoot with Eee & Bee Photographers

A little over a week ago, I joined my brother and his wife (owners and photographers of Perspicacious Photography Eee & Bee Photographers) in a maternity photo shoot with a blogger friend of mine, Miranda, from A Miriginal Life (finally got to meet someone whose blog I read daily!!).  As I have an interest in photography and am in the process of learning all things about my camera, what better way to learn than actually get out and SHOOT!!  Now...since then, I've been extremely busy (Easter, putting my house back together after a whirlwind weekend of painting, etc etc), so I haven't even had a chance to transfer my images from my camera to the computer... But, I thought you might want to take a look at some of Perspicacious Photography's Eee & Bee's I right? They turned out amazing (and look at Miranda's nursery!! Isn't that a cool idea? They even have a guitar-style growth chart [you can catch a sneak peak on Miranda's blog here])

{all images via Eee & Bee}
Perspicacious Photography Eee & Bee is a new Edmonton and area photography company.  They're trying to fill their portfolio with a variety of images, and just recently finished their first engagement session and have already booked a newborn session (can't wait to see pics!!). If you're interested, check out their blog or facebook page and contact Brant or Elizabeth.