May 4, 2011

Lamp Shades

Awhile ago I painted our bedroom lamps an aqua blue (on right, below).  They looked great... until we bought a painting for the room.   In keeping with the blue-ish hue that our curtains give off, we purchased a blue lily canvas from Homesense (at least, I think it's a lily...I'm horrible with flowers....).  Since having the painting in the room, the lamps just looked wrong.  Well, they looked great, but they were the wrong shade of blue.  Aqua was too bright with everything else in the room.  So, a few weekends ago, I packed them up again and brought them to my parents place (we don't have a garage to spray paint in). 

We applied two coats of Bahama Sea over the Blue Ocean Breeze, and now they look the right color, don't you think? (Ok, I know that I'm HORRIBLE at taking pictures of my own house, but I promise, I WILL take some pics this weekend!)  See how the painting just didn't have any aqua in it? They just didn't work....I guess that's why you should pick your paint based on things you have, instead of buy things based on your paint color.... hmmm...learn from mistakes, right?

So I love the lamps now (again).  That is, except for the lamp shades.  I always thought they were quite yellow before:

And they looked a little less yellow after the first color:

But now (sorry, no picture), they look SO yellow! Gross, actually.  So I came across this DIY painted lamp shade at Bon Temps Beignet blog. I thought this could be another alternative to the DIY burlap shade, although they would still be yellow, just not AS yellow...

What do you think? 

DIY Painted Lamp Shade from Bon Temps Beignet

It doesn't have to be zebra print (after all, I do love damask and could use the Decorative Wall Art Pattern from All Things Thrify...)

{via All Things Thrify}


  1. I honestly think it would be fab if you worked the lampshade using the DIY burlap method!!

  2. When painting a lamp, be sure that you know the focal points to avoid any misconception of which is the forefront of the shade.

  3. LOVE the zebra one!...but maybe I'm a bit partial :)