March 7, 2011

My Master Bedroom

I've been lacking on pictures and updates of my own house...I know.  I was trying to wait until a room was finished before sharing, but as my friend from Ginger Flinch told me, I need to share more!!  Many of my friends (whether blogger friends, or friends from other cities), don't know how my house looks after all the renos we've done. So, I'm going to start with our master bedroom....for now!  It's still not finished, but without an endless supply of funds (and no way to turn off the ideas in my head!), it may always feel like a work in progress.

I wish I had pictures of how our home looked when we first bought it.  It was hideous.  Luckily, my hubby and I were able to look past the horrible paint jobs and find the gem it was supposed to be.  Our spare rooms were orange (bright pumpkin orange!!) and green and sky blue (ocean theme, we think!) and our bathroom was lime green....ugh.  Our master bedroom was a deep red with a faux finish (I think to look like suede?!?).  My hubby and I both love red, but for the small space that it is, the red had to go! A few summers ago we repainted all the bedrooms Berg by General Paint. and recently I bought new curtains.  I still want to stencil the wall (I even have the stencil, I just need time to do it!), and we need to find a duvet cover (or material to MAKE a duvet cover -- although fabric is PRICEY!!), and then we're set....I least for now....maybe.

As I mentioned, it's a tiny room.  Behind the door where I was standing is the closet, and to the right is the dresser....tiny room for a master.

The sheet set my mom recently picked up at Homesense, and it reminded me of the stencil I will put on the wall, so I grabbed it off her for what she paid...$26.00!!  I have ideas for this lamp, but will need some advice on what to do....(post to come soon)

The headboard, dresser, and nightstands were hand-me-downs from a friend.  The headboard either needs some touch-ups, or maybe a little DIY project (tufted or leather inserts maybe??)

The dresser was missing several knobs until recently (hand-me-down, remember?).  My mom bought us some crystal knobs as an Xmas gift (when my hubby heard I wanted these, he scowled a little, saying he didn't like those knobs...once I put them on, he changed his mind!!) They add a nice bit of sparkle to the room and it was nice to be able to open ALL the drawers!

This was the best photo I could get of the new curtains. They look exactly like the image on the website that I ordered them from (you may remember when I first opened them, they looked a lot different!), but once hung, they're perfect.  I absolutely love them (took a little while to iron the creases out, but they're gorgeous). The velvet texture adds a richness to the room, and the color blends in nicely without being overpowering.  (Ignore the artwork on the dresser (more on that in a later post), and the apparent dust on the corner of the dresser --it's not dust, I cleaned before taking photos!! I think it's just the sun shining in!)
So...what do you think so far?

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