February 1, 2011

Feature Wall...

As I mentioned yesterday, my curtains finally arrived and I love them.  I have yet to hang them (hubby needs to help with the hardware -- although I work with houses and construction, I actually have NEVER hung something that extreme.  I once hung some floating shelves in my old apartment [so proud that a friend and I could pull it off!] and then he had to point out how crooked they always were...) sigh... Anyways, so I've mentioned a few times that I've wanted to do a feature wall in my master suite (I like to say Master Suite, as it sounds more grand, doesn't it?? It's really quite a tiny room though...).  I think I've finally decided on it!  I originally wanted to do a wallpaper feature wall, but after hunting for wallpaper (and not having my hubby on board with it), I discovered how EXPENSIVE it actually is.  That shot my idea down...afterall, I'm on a BUDGET.  So, after coming across A Little Lovely's blog and her stenciled wall, I decided that was the way to go. 

Although we want to bring some color into our bedroom, I think I'm going to just use a polyurethane so the pattern shines in the light and gives a subtle appearance, and bring in color using throw pillows, new lamp shades and/or new bedding.  I was debating whether or not to use the Moroccan Dream stencil, or the Casablanca Allover stencil, but I think I've decided to use the Moroccan Dream stencil, where the thinner lines are what is cut out (and would appear in the glossy finish).  What do you think? I'm heading to the paint store today to get some sample colors for the rest of our house, so I think I might ask their opinion too.  Can't hurt, right?  My hubby was hoping I could do it while he's away for work soon, however, I haven't even ordered the stencil yet!! Fat chance it'll be in before that time.... (maybe the paint store carries stencils??)

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