February 11, 2011


I've been searching for throw pillows for our linen couch for awhile now.  I probably won't actually buy anything until we've repainted the house, but I'm always searching (hey, if I find THE ONE, why wouldn't I buy it??).  Homesense hasn't been my friend lately with pillows though (but I'll continue to search my favorite homestore anyways), so I've turned to online hunting.  I've ordered a number of things online lately (wall stencil, flooring, curtains, birthday & Christmas presents, books, etc etc), so to turn to online pillow shopping wouldn't be out of the norm by any means.  However, I'm a little surprised (and disappointed!) at how EXPENSIVE pillows can be!! Maybe I'm just used to the $15-25 pillows from Homesense, but still.... These pillows are gorgeous, but since I won't even pay that much for jeans (these pillows range from $85-175 -- and some are only pillow COVERS, and don't include the actual pillow!), I can't see me spending that much on a pillow (especially since I need MINIMUM 2).  What do you think? Any other suggestions for places to find decently priced pillows?  Since we're going to go with a little bit more of a neutral wall color (Portobello by Sico Paints), and the couch is linen color, the pillows is where I'd like to bring in some COLOR for my husband.

{images above via Modern Chic Home}

{images below via Elegant Touch on Etsy}

{image below via Plum Cushion on Etsy}


  1. I agree, I'm always amazed at how MUCH people spend on pillows. Etsy is a pretty good source for affordable pillow/covers.

    Seriously, Krystal, you should consider making a cover. I just learned how and it's so easy!! (I'm no sewer, either) That way you just have to find a fabric you love.

  2. Pillows are the easiest to sew and design! If you want unique pillows that are just right for you let me know, I'm sure between myself and your mom we could come up with some fancy pillows for you! And way more then 2 for half the cost!