February 8, 2011

Little Girl's Room....(via Pink Sugar Photography)

I've been obsessed with reading blogs for awhile now... but before I had branched out to all forms of blog reading (from personal, to interior design and decorating blogs, etc), I started out simply with Photography blogs. I may not take a lot of photos myself (I prefer the warmth of spring/summer to get out there...and another photography course, of course!), but I LOVE looking at photos.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.  It will be no surprise then that this post caught my eye, as it's from a photographer AND the decor is PHENOMENAL!! Reminding me of the Sarah 101 Sophisto-Nursery (click link), where the room is designed to grow with the child.  Enter: Andrea of Pink Sugar Photography and her daughters bedroom. O-M-G. Isn't it gorgeous??

I love the framed artwork, perfectly hung at the height for the little girl and her own little chair... 

{images via Pink Sugar Photography}

Who says grey can't be dainty, beautiful and girly?? I think I may have to find out how she finished the top edge of the ribbon feature wall...isn't that brilliant??? What a great way to add color!! LOVE IT!

 For more info on where Andrea from Pink Sugar got all the items in the room or how she made them, see Lila's Room FAQ She doesn't state how she finished the top of the ribbon, but she simply used a hammer and pins to hang them in line with the ceiling...sounds easy enough!


  1. I need to know more about this ribbon thing too! Things for the reassurance about my sink as well!

  2. I've already put in a request...I'll let you know when I find out how she finished the top. I thought it was a brilliant idea!

  3. um, yes. Adorable. Andrea was my wedding photographer, she's the best :)

  4. This could very well take first place for my favorite nursery! So adorable! The ribbon is genius.

  5. hi! I found your blog through Andrea's Pink Sugar blog! Love your blog - i am always looking for design ideas all around in all realms of life, and your blog will be a refreshing one to follow. :)

  6. thanks so much for featuring lila's nursery (and for all of the lovely comments) krystal!

    in terms of 'finishing' the ribbon edges, i just made sure to cut right along one of the ridges in the ribbon (it's mostly grosgrain). it's been up for ten months now and so far, i haven't had any issues with fraying!