January 12, 2011

Sarah 101...Sophisto-Nursery

Did any of you happen to catch Sarah 101 last night?? Well, I have to say, I was MUCH more pleased with last night's episode!  Her outlook on a nursery is something we should all keep in mind (especially if you dont want to renovate your child's room sooner than you thought you would!).  Sarah's view on a nursery is that it should be able to grow with your child, and not reflect the infant that they are for a short period of their life. If you design the room for a baby, it risks looking outdated and juvenile before he/she is out of their crib and into their first "big boy/girl" bed.  Instead, aim to create a space that can be used years from now, using bold & complementary colors (maybe it's just that I live in Edmonton, but blue and orange always shout OILERS to me!) and furniture that will grow with your child.  You can still add cutesy-baby decor, but keep items to a minimum so that you change out those items as the years go by (as Sarah did, with the art on the wall. The animal pictures can easily be replaced with other artwork, and the chair is not simply a nursing chair, but something the child can use throughout the years).  I love how she used a graphic wallpaper on the ceiling to hide the beam by the closet (genius!!). This also adds visual interest to the infant lying in their crib, and the impact it makes on the room is incredible.  She uses juxtaposition and mixes a uber-traditional paisley wallpaper print with more modern elements, such as the fabric on the curtains and the space-like orange chair in the corner....AMAZING. It doesn't make the room feel traditional OR ultra-modern.  I'm hoping that when we go to have kids, we can create a sophisto-nursery as Sarah 101 has taught me. We can still do a "Winnie the Pooh" themed room (as per my husband's request, as he LOVES Winnie the Pooh -- but not Tigger, oh no..."he's a jerk"...), but we could do it in a sophisticated way, and maybe only use Winnie the Pooh bedding and artwork. Genius? I think so!! But that's a ways a way yet...

Take a look at the Sophisto-Nursery

{images via Sarah 101 on HGTV.ca}


  1. Do you know which Ikea bench she used? I've googled like crazy trying to find out, and it's not the Besta or the Odda as some sites may suggest. Any ideas?

  2. absolutely love the paisley wallpaper on the ceiling. Have been looking for it and cant seem to find that one. where do you suggest I look ?