January 18, 2011

Sarah Richardson coming to Edmonton!!

As you all know, I have a (slight) obsession with anything Sarah Richardson.... and that doesn't change with The Renovation Show.  Sarah Richardson is, once again, taking the main stage at our Edmonton show, February 4th-6th, 2011.  Since I missed the show (and her!) last year, I am NOT missing it again. I don't care if I don't learn anything new from what I've seen on her tv shows, but to get to see and listen to her IN PERSON is something I just HAVE to do.  I was almost beside myself at last fall's' Home and Garden Show when I saw a lifesize cutout of her design sidekick, Tommy Smythe.  I thought "OMG! I missed Sarah in February, but I can see Tommy NOW!!"... sadly, that wasn't the case (for he wasn't at the show...it was just an ad for something).  But, alas, I get a second chance!! Tommy won't be there (to my knowledge), but Sarah will! Aren't you excited? Maybe just excited FOR me then? Haha...well, maybe I'll see you there! I can't seem to find out what time she's actually on stage at, but if you know, let ME know!!

Thanks!! See you there!

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