January 11, 2011


I recently fell upon a Canadian home decor based website-shop, Homesav, via a fellow Canadian blog, Aubrey + Lindsay (vwho I found through another Canadian blogger I follow, Just Bella--- psst, Christine, I love that you have a "Canadian Links + Inspiration" area on your sidebar!). Homesav launches new sales each day that are announced via email, Facebook, and Twitter.  The sales range from 24 hours to 4 days (and even show a count down clock when you log in, so you know when each sale ends!).  I've been receiving emails for a little over a week now...and I already made my first purchase!  My hubby and I (well, mostly me) have been searching for new curtains for our master bedroom since we repainted last summer.  I didn't want to put up the brown damask curtains (even though I love damask) that were left in the room when we bought the house, because they were too short. They stood about a foot off the ground and just looked wrong (like pants you accidentally put in the dryer and are now too short to wear with your favorite shoes....just not right).  I found some ones I absolutely LOVED at Anthropologie, but they don't carry their window curtains in store, and to get them shipped was RIDICULOUS (almost $500 with shipping!), so those were no longer an option.  When I was emailed about a drapery sale from Homesav, I decided to take a look.  Since my hubby likes to be involved in decor, I gave him my two options:
 Option #1: Champagne & Taupe stripes ($97.50 for two panels)

Option #2: black with grey hydrangaes ($60 for two panels)

He actually didn't like either...but (as he's been learning to trust me on my designs), he said, "go ahead and order the ones you want..." (Yay!!!) I chose OPTION # 1 (Champagne & Taupe stripes), as well as added some black out liners (so it'll be nice and dark in the room in the summer).  I liked the softness of the striped pattern and color.  As you know, I LOVE black and white stuff (and black and grey isn't all that different...), but I thought the softness of the first option would play better with whatever else I do in the room.  The black curtains would be such a focal piece.  Plus, I'm still open to add whatever color I want to the room (one of the reasons my hubby wasn't sold on option #1 -- because it lacks "color").  I think the picture makes it look slightly blueish with a taupe stripe, which I'll totally be fine with, but the color description says "champagne and taupe"... so we'll see. I'm excited though! It might make our room actually look FINISHED (although it's not.... but it'll at least have CURTAINS to cover the ugly -broken- wooden blinds).

What do you think? I hope I love them as much in person!!! (oh, and here are the ones I wanted from Anthropologie, but just wasn't willing to pay the $500 price tag....I loved the color, the pattern, and the fact that the linen area let light in, while the purple "flocked" kept light out)
(although, I am kind of glad that I didn't go with these, as they don't have GROMMETS at the top like the other ones...my old curtains have a top like this, and it was SO annoying to open them! I love how clean and crisp the grommets look -- not to mention, the ease they add to opening a curtain!!)

Can't wait for my new curtains to arrive!!!


  1. Isn't shipping from Anthro CRAZY!?? I really like the ones you got from Homesav - now let's see them in your room :)

    p.s. just added you to my link list!

  2. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks $150 for shipping is crazy!! Thanks for adding me to your list, you're amazing!! I may have to post about that too (not that I have many followers-- yet!!)

  3. What a great way to start my day at the office! The champagne and taupe drapes are my favourite too! I think we may be taking them on to Breakfast Television next Wednesday for our morning segment...

    - HomeSav Editor