January 20, 2011

Apprentice Store

I've been trying to avoid my typical Sarah Richardson posts (especially since Sarah 101 aired a new episode on Tuesday), as I thought that maybe I'm bombarding you with too much Sarah Richardson!! You may remember my posts about churches being converted into houses here and here, but what about a warehouse?  With that, I give you The Apprentice Store by Threefold Architects. Located in Bath, England, this Grade II-listed warehouse is now a family home.

Four additionl buildings were added to this 200 year old warehouse, all connected now by a series of stairs and walkways which create a circular route through the house. Original elements from the warehouse (stone walls, exposed wood beams, etc) remain visible in the new living quarters and bring a touch of rustic charm to the otherwise contemporary home.  Materials for the home were meticulously chosen to compliment rather than intrude upon the history of the building.

{images via Dezeen}

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