January 25, 2011

Introducing Dale Tidy: Vancouver Photographer

I'd like to introduce to you a friend of mine, Dale Tidy, Vancouver Photographer.

Growing up in Canberra, Australia, he now resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, after falling in love with the city on his cross-Canada trip nearly two years ago.  Dale became serious about his love for photography back in 2007 when he purchased his first "real" (DSLR!) camera and travelled across Europe (which is where we met) and Egypt for nearly 5 months, mostly solo.  Along his way and ever since, he's managed to capture the moments in time that will captivate you, just as they do to me.  One of his stories that caught my attention (and deserved to be noted!) was the Random Act of Kindness he recently experienced, where a man he met briefly came back a few days later and had pre-purchased 250 business cards for him (as he was on his last one when he met the man).  Another, was the fact that Dale (being the outgoing and friendly person that he is) can strike up a conversation with anyone. Literally.  He struck up a conversation with a homeless man who paints artwork on the street (using materials he finds in alleyways and dumpsters) and sells them.  Dale hit this man up in a conversation and captured his work in progress. Amazing.

I hope you enjoy some of his photos as much as I do.  Feel free to check out more of his work on his photo blog here. (I'm sorry if there are a lot of photos...I couldn't narrow them down!)

I am amazed by Dale's ability to capture a portrait, where it speaks without words.

Fashion photography

LJ the Street Artist

I don't think I would normally buy art off the street, but isn't his work amazing?? I might have to rethink where to get art from!

{photos courtesy of Dale Tidy}

I wish I had found my love for photography before Dale made his quick pit-shop visit in Edmonton during his cross-Canada trip....I could've learned a few tricks of the trade...

Thank you, Dale, for sharing your work with us! I hope, just as you do, to one day see your photojournalist approach captured in print for the rest of the world to see.

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