January 6, 2011

Sarah 101

Did any of you catch the premiere episode of the new Sarah Richardson show, Sarah 101, the other day?  She's probably my favorite Canadian celebrity designer (as I don't really know any designers unless they're famous...sadly....), but I have to say that I was a little disappointed with the room she designed.  I mean, I guess what makes a great designer and decorator is that you can give your clients what they ask for and what THEY like, not necessarily what YOU like.  Sarah didn't do her typical white-schemed room that she's known for, but went for bold colors and bold floral.  Not my cup of tea, but it is what the clients wanted.  The overall room still looks amazing, but I just couldn't picture myself living there, which is what I always want to feel when I watch her shows.  She takes risks and goes for a vibrant pink couch, puts a colorful overscale floral pattern on a pair of chairs, and hangs plates on the wall.  Would you ever think of that?? I wouldn't! But then again, I'm not an interior designer who needs to meet my clients wishes. I know it's difficult to come up with a plan that makes the client happy and produce something you're still proud of (as a client's vision of their house plan, I know, isn't always what I can give them).  I'm hoping to get some new ideas from upcoming Sarah 101 shows for things I could do in my house, or see myself doing....somewhere.  This episode ("Vibrant Living Room") just isn't my taste, but I still have to say that she does amazing work. It appeals to someone out there, and that's what matters.

{images via Sarah 101 on HGTV}

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  1. Do you know what kind of lacquered paint she used on the table, or where in Edmonton to get this done professionally?