January 27, 2011


I was inspired by my site visit to some Calgary product (houses!) over the past few days.  Ceilings. Yes, that's right, ceilings. They often get overlooked (especially in houses, such as mine, with textured ceilings), but it can add so much more to the room. It's even possible to do in small to mid-size homes, not just the custom HUGE houses!  If you plan it right, you can add architectural elements that will be a timeless focal piece that people will adore.  These elements can appear traditional or contemporary, depending on the finish, but the end result is the same: stunning!  My favorite are the exposed beams (which don't even have to be real -- just clad them in wood to get the affect)

I also adore a coffered ceiling...whether in a kitchen or dining area.... 

{images via decorpad}

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