January 17, 2011

BATHtastic! : Rock-a-Billy Bath

Does anyone else love the amazingly unique bathrooms that Matt Muenster from DIY Network's BATHtastic! builds?  Most of the shows go to an extreme of whatever theme they're going for, but they always have unique and cool ideas.  For instance, I caught a glimpse of Rock-a-Billy Bath episode last night, and he built in a CORNER VANITY DESK to save on space!! We haven't started our basement bathroom yet, but I'm always getting ideas for it.  This would be one idea we might be able to use, as once we move the washer, dryer and stand-up freezer in the washroom (it's that large!), we might be tight on space for my make up area (which I really do want!!). This corner unit looks easy enough to make....just need two walls to hold it up (which might be an issue....but we'll see....). It also had a cabinet above for storage. What do you think?
{image via DIY Network}

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