January 7, 2011

Sarah's House 4!

I feel bad for kinda dissing the Sarah 101 show the other day...not that she'll probably ever read this, but just 'cuz I don't want to be a blogger who gives negative reviews of other people's work.  If I don't like something, I shouldn't comment on it.  (I know I would be offended if someone commented on my work negatively...) My husband said yesterday in the car, "I'm going to try to stop being so negative.", and it made me think, "maybe I should too....". So, I'm going to try.  And, with that, I really am looking forward to more Sarah 101 episodes to see if I can learn something from her designs and be inspired by her future projects.  On another note, I read on Sarah Richardson Design's "Dear Diary" page that she's also working on a new season of Sarah's House and I absolutely cannot wait!! I'm also hoping we'll see an episode of her renovating her mom's new house (a converted 1906 church!)...maybe on Sarah 101?!? (remember when I posted about another church that was transformed into someone's home here?)  It was a little ultra modern, but Sarah's concept would make a church look LIVEABLE!!! (see for yourself in the pics below!!)  I hope we get to see more than just the few pics Sarah updates to her facebook page... Here's a quick glimpse...

 {image via Sarah's facebook page}

{image via Sarah's facebook page

  {image via Sarah's facebook page}

THIS is the Sarah Richardson design style that I know and love!!  Can she please come design my house?!?!
{image via Sarah Richardson Design "Dear Diary"}

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