December 1, 2010

Would you live here?

When you think of an old abandoned church, what do you think of?  I think majestic, yet eery; calm yet spooky; beautiful yet mysterious.  That's why it would never cross my mind to think, "Hey! Why don't we live here?".  Browsing through the Brocade Home blog, I came across this church that was converted into a home.  Located in the Netherlands and designed by Zecc Architects, this former Catholic church was converted into a private residence.  Of course, the architecture of the old church is stunning and captivating, so why wouldn't it make an AMAZING home? (not to mention, probably GINORMOUS!)  As the monochromatic scheme seems to be very popular overseas (and is making it's way into our lives here...), it's no wonder they chose white to brighten the place and toning down the elements that clearly shout "CHURCH"!  The minimalistic approach to decor lets the architecture speak for itself and allow the modern touches not to overpower anything and blend in seamlessly with the classic elements of the church, like the stained glass windows, the organ in the loft, and the marbled archway with the cross overhead.  Going in a completely different direction from white, the bathroom leaves you with an overall warm and romantic feeling. 

{images via Zecc Architecture}
{image via Arch Daily}

Would you live here?

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