December 16, 2010

Home Office...

I don't work out of the home, but when the weather's been as crazy as it has been, I kind of wish I did.... don't you? (I've been hunched over my work computer the last few days with few breaks of blog catch up...)  My current office chair at home is a previously used one that I bought for super cheap off the company I work for. It's fully functional and it does the job...but it's HUGE in our tiny room (7'-6"x9'0") [and it's supposed to be a SPARE room!!! Can you imagine trying to fit a bed in that room? A twin at most!!]

Since I've been blog obsessed lately, I've come across several home offices that I are just a few...aren't they AMAZING??

On top of the amazing home offices, I've fallen in love with the white chair from Jen at Made by Girl's office... I found a similar one (not sure where hers is from) at Crate and Barrel online(which is now located in Calgary!!), but it's $299 US...ouch!  On top of her desk chair, I think I'm in love with her coffee table too....(sigh) Oh to dream....

First...her coffe table!! LOVE IT, and would be PERFECT for our front room.....
{image via Made by Girl}

Next...the chair!! Don't you LOVE it???
{image via Made by Girl}

At her old place, she even had TWO of them!!
{image via Made by Girl}

I love how clean and airy this office looks (and probably feels!!)
{Nina's home office - blogger of  Stylizimo}

I love the storage on the walls....and, of course, the chair!!
{image via Stylizimo}

This storage would be AMAZING to have...if only we had the room!
{image via Style at Home}

{image via}

And this is my new love!! I want one!! Maybe if I spent more time in my home office, I could justify spending money on a new chair.....(sigh)
{image via Crate and Barrel}
 What does your home office look like? I think I'm putting this office chair on my never-gonna-get-it wish list.....ah.....

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