December 2, 2010

Christmas stockings....

Although the Christmas tree is up, we are still lacking some major decorations around the house. For one: stockings!  I have some beautiful stocking hangers, but no stockings.  I've been on the hunt for the perfect stockings to hang, but nothing has caught my eye just yet.  I've been tossing around the idea of making our stockings (or, I should say, getting my Mom to make them, as I don't actually own a sewing machine...).  As I'm loving white, I've been thinking white stockings.  Classic winter.  Maybe adding a touch of jewel tones to match my decorations?  Or damask? Or both? Or, since our fireplace is in the TV room with all the classic hockey memoribilia, what about hockey & figure skates? (I saw some nice ones YEARS ago - when I didn't need any - and haven't been able to find nice ones since...).  Here are some ideas I love....if only I could find ones I love in a local store....

I love the quilted look to these and the added touch of sparkle

Maybe change out the red with some electric blue or lime green to match our other decorations

Maybe change out the red for some pink....
 I would love to find these hockey & figure skates somewhere...I just love them. But I haven't seen any nice ones in quite some time.... (sigh)....any ideas? What do your stockings look like?


  1. I saw some nice simple ones at Superstore today... check them out!

  2. Ooh I will! My sister in law just found done silver ones with a damask top at Homesense (of course!) that she picked up for me too!