January 24, 2011

Old Hollywood pictures

My friend came to visit this weekend, and we poked around at one of my favorite stores, Homesense.  She fell in love with some old hollywood film pictures in black and white, and that love transfered over to me once I saw them... Neither of us know where they'll go in our houses, but she purchased six of them, and I purchased two (if they were $20 cheaper [they were $39], I wouldn't have hesitated and I would have purchased more as well...).  I still adore them, but I may have to exchange at least one (as my husband says it's creepy...which is true...but it's an iconic movie moment, and it just spoke to me) -- I also have to return a light I bought, so maybe I'll pick up two new ones instead... (I just can't bear to not have these SOMEWHERE in my house!!) Aren't they AMAZING??

This is Michael Cane, from the movie "Michael's Fists" (apparently...I just googled it). If she hadn't found another copy of this picture, I probably never would have grabbed ANY...but this one was our favorite so I had to grab the last one!!

Paul Newman playing poker in "The Sting" 

Sean Connery in "James Bond" (if there was more than one, I would have grabbed this one as well...)

Jack Nicholson in "The Shining" (this isn't quite the same as the picture, but I couldn't find a matching image... the picture [which is the other one I bought] has him looking through some bars of some sort...I only assume its from the same movie, but I don't know... it is creepy,  but i absolutely love it still....but I'm not sure it would be a good picture to put on display for all to see..)
{images via google search}

I think I may have to make a quick stop today at the Homesense on the west end here... hmmm... I just have this soft spot for the Old Hollywood glam kinda feel....(they also had a Marilyn Monroe picture, but it wasn't a very good picture)

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  1. I love these pics! I can't wait to find a home for them in my house. (I am the friend Krystal when shopping with in case you were wondering). Also, the bonus was that my husband loved them as well! U gotta love HomeSense. yes they were $39 each, but i bet they would be twice that in a boutique as they had a nice white matting and black frame as well.