February 15, 2011


I was reading my daily blogs, and today's post at A Thoughtful Place was on zebra prints in the house.  It reminded me of my trip to Homesense awhile ago (when I purchased the Old Hollywood prints), and I saw a zebra canvas print I LOVED (but wasn't willing to pay the $200+ price tag, even with my $100 gift card...).  For one, it was LARGE. Large enough to fill a wall I want to do this on, but purchasing a print would be far EASIER...and it's it gorgeous?? And two, it's BLACK and WHITE! Hello!! I LOVE black and white!!! But, the zebra print probably isn't there anymore (I did see another zebra print at a different Homesense location, but it wasn't the same.  It didn't have the same impact this one did.  Isn't it gorgeous? (Oh, did I say that already??) I kinda regret not buying it....(even though we don't have art in our budget right now.... [insert sad face here]).

{image via Decorpad


  1. HomeSense will do that to you. Sometimes I think buy now, think later and just return if necessary.

  2. IKEA has a similar Zebra canvas for around $100 :)