November 15, 2010

Wall Art....and me?

This weekend, I came across this blog, All Things Thrifty, and was mesmerized by it.  I pretty much love all things damask-ish and all things black & white, so this met BOTH my loves.  It looks like a lot of work, but if we can't find something large for our one wall, I may have to attempt this in the summer (as we don't have a garage, and it would probably be too dusty to attempt in our basement).  My hubby will have to teach me how to use a few tools, but he said he would (although he probably just doesn't want to spend the 5 1/2 hours doing the cut out like this husband did for her). After the shape was cut out, they stapled black material to the back, so it's 2 dimensional. Isn't it amazing??

image via All Things Thrifty blog
For more info on her DIY, click the links above.

As for other wall art...well, I've really been wanting to do a wallpaper feature wall in our master bedroom for awhile now. However, my husband is a little wary of it, as it (depending on the pattern I choose) could be very difficult to put up.  Not to mention, difficult to take down if we don't like it as much I thought I would.  Plus, it's quite expensive! I never realized how much wallpaper cost! So...I've recently found vinyl wall stickers.  Should I try these instead? They're a fraction of the cost, and they're easy to remove (and reuse!).  If we painted the wall behind our bed a slightly darker color, and put these in white (or black), wouldn't they look amazing? 

images via Etsy

What do you think?  I'm still deciding if it's right for us and our master bedroom...but, I figure, I could always use it in my office/make up room, or (when we have kids, and if we have a girl) in a kids room.  So, I put it on my Christmas list anyways!

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