November 11, 2010

Lighting....and backsplash!

I really really wish we could put a new chandelier over our dining table. I saw this chandelier over my friend's table, and fell in love....
Then I saw this one as lighting in a Homesense months ago, and also fell in, I love damask!

Ah.....if only! But, alas, we need backsplash more than we need new lighting.... this is what I have my eye on, but they don't seem to offer a lot of color options, so who knows if it'll work with our new granite ("Kashmir White").
Glass Mini Strips from Julian Tile

Maybe we'll go with a simple subway tile (glass?) with a glass mini mosaic accent band?? Who knows!  We both liked the idea of stainless steel/metal backsplash behind the stove...maybe we'll try something like this:

Metal Glass series by Julian Tile

Who knows!! We're not ruling any options out. We'll look at everything, take some samples back to the house and see which one works the best! We're going backsplash hunting this weekend! Can't wait!!

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