November 8, 2010


This may not be an 'interior decorating' themed post, but it's for a good cause:

My husband is participating in "Movember" this year....I fully support the cause and bringing awareness to prostate cancer (as my Grandpa had prostate cancer), but the one thing I think I may have a problem with is how ridiculous he will look in the end, as his facial hair comes in quite patchy as it is. He's decided that he wants to grow the "handlebar" moustache, even though he's a corporate guy, not a motorcycle guy...  Who knows, maybe I'll like it in the end...but for now, I prefer my man to be clean shaven! For more information on how to donate to the cause, or have your men join the fight, click here.  Here's a quick pic of his 'stache (it seems a few of his teammates are going for the 'handlebars' look!):
'Til next time!


  1. Love his stash!... I actually am really digging Greg's Movember stash (and thought it would be so ugly). Turns out facial hair can be pretty interesting. I am still glad, however, that I cannot grow it myself.

  2. True! His moustache is growing on me too! And I guess it's not "patchy", it's just that parts of it are a little blonder than the rest, so (from a distance) it just looked weird to me. But it suits him better than I thought it would, and he's raising money and bringing awareness to a great cause! Can't wait to see pics of Greg!