November 10, 2010

Let the fabric hunt Begin!

I have never recovered anything. Nothing.  Ok, maybe that's a little bit of a lie. I recovered a small pillow (with my mom's help) for my boyfriend at the time (now my husband) and ironed-on a picture of the two of us. Cheesy? Kinda...but we were 18 and on budgets for our first Christmas together, so we made each other gifts. So, other than a small pillow (that my mom actually sewed), I've never recovered anything.  Now, as we're on the final stretch of renovations, we want to recover my old Ikea furniture. Or, at least for now, the couch. It's hideous and blue. We have a red feature wall in the house (and, currently, yellow walls -- soon to be repainted a neutral color), so the last thing we want is a house full of primary colors. Bleh. 

This is basically what our couch looks like (similar, not exact)

But in this color blue
(above images via Ikea)

My mom recently had her couches recovered, and she found the fabric online.  She's also recovered a few chairs herself, so I'm hoping she can help us keep our costs to a minimum by helping me recover it ourselves.  With simple lines (see pictures below), I'm hoping most of the job (other than the cushions -- which zip off anyways for easy copying of the patterns), will simply require a tight pull of the fabric and a staple gun.  Now, the question is, which type of fabric do we go for? Do we go for a bold pattern? Or something simple pattern? Color? Or neutral (and accent with throw pillows)?

Colors and patterns are quick grabs and open to change. Just getting some ideas!!
(Images via here)
 What do you think?? Ever reupholstered anything??

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