November 19, 2010

Black doors....and me!

Since my husband and I decided that we're going to paint our new baseboards and casings to white (instead of matching the existing color -- which is a orange-y-peachy-pinky white), and we'll have to paint our interior doors anyways....I've suggested that instead of painting the doors white, and blend in the the casings etc, that we do BLACK!! Yes, black doors!  It would play in well with our countertops and backsplash (as both have a little black in them), and it would add a nice dramatic, interesting feature to the house.  As we're trying to go with a more neutral wall color, why not add some flare with our doors?? We'd only have two doors on the main floor (foyer closet and pantry), and 5 in our upper hallway (3 bedrooms, bathroom & linen closet) and one door in our 3rd level (door going to the basement --we live in a 4 level split).  We could also do the closet doors inside our bedrooms, but that wouldn't be a necessity, as I don't know if we'll bother painting those casings all white (as we'd have to take out ALL the furniture...). Plus, with a black door to the bedrooms, we wouldn't HAVE to paint those casings inside the rooms. They could stay as they are, because there would be no bright white anywhere near them that would set off an alarm of: "Oh...those casings are actually an orangey-peachy-pinky white...not actually white....eww.....". (when they're not near something that's actually white, you really can't notice it...but if we have to paint the new casings anyways, why not get the color we want??)

Here are a few examples of black interior doors. Don't they look amazing??? I'll probably still have to take him to my friends house and show him their doors in person, but still...just imagine! (ok, so if I hadn't seen them in person -- we used to have a showhome with black doors -- I would probably be wary of doing them too). But once you see them, they're amazing!!

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  1. it looks amazing
    absolutely love it and use this idea in my house

    What is the brand and paint serial number