November 7, 2010

New to the world of Blogging....

I am new to the world of blogging. I never even read blogs 'til about a year ago, when my younger brother started dating someone new. She had a blog. So I followed her on it (other than that, I had only viewed my wedding photographer's blog, and mainly because I wanted to get a sneak peak of our wedding photos before they were actually all done!!). Since blog-stalking my (new) sister-in-law, I've branched out! (haha) I started out just reading because I was curious who this new girl was. But have since stopped blog-stalking her and started reading other blogs (see, I branched out!!), from a variety of photographers (due to a new found interest in photography and being a new photography student) to a range of decorating blogs, and (just putting this out there) even my other sister-in-law's blog (she's a BRILLIANT illustrator -- check Crystal Driedger out here) .  With my background in designing houses, it's only a natural transition for me to have an interest in what goes in the house, instead of just where all the walls go!  And with our recent house renovations, all I can think about is what can I buy and where can I put it...although most of my ideas usually get put to the back burner or squashed altogether due to finances, but it's still a desire.  I want a beautiful home, so why not get ideas from those out there?

Maybe it's the "designer" in me, but I want a beautiful blog too! Not knowing anything about blogging, I haven't the first clue on how to even replace my title with a logo (or even a picture banner of my pics like this blog).  With a graphic designer for a brother, you'd think he'd help me out a bit...but when he won't even design me a logo for (future??) custom home design company (that I'd like to start so I can work part-time from home and raise the kids when we have them...), I doubt he'll do it for a blog! I know there are free logo design softwares out there, I just don't know where to start in importing it to my blog...any suggestions?? I know there are no followers yet, but just putting it out there to the world....  I'm still not satisfied with the blog name, I just couldn't think of anything else, and wanted to get going!!

On a side note, here's a few pics of a recent DIY project I took on:

From Style at Home Magazine - my inspiration

The mess my jewelry was before...

My jewelry after (picture frames without the glass, scrapbooking paper for the background, finishing nails to hang the necklaces, and ribbon and hot glue for the earrings -- I also tossed a bunch of necklaces that I hadn't worn in about 8 years!!)
I love it. It's my own little homemade girly piece of art. Goes very well in my office/makeup room!
'Til next time!

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