November 23, 2010

Damask...and me!

Does anyone else love damask as much as me? I hope so! It's gorgeous!! I especially love black and white damask patterns, but I will not rule out color as well.  Lets my house, I have damask dinnerware, a giant damask serving bowl, a damask throw, damask throw pillows, damask-ish china (in white-on-white), a damask area rug, and a painting from my sister-in-law, Crystal Driedger Illustrations of "Damask Lady" (that she painted specially for us as a wedding gift)...just to name a few...oh!! And I just picked up a new damask lamp for $10!! (also black....)

This canvas painting hangs in my home office -- purple is also one of my favorite colors, so she incorporated that as well (isn't she amazing??)

My favorite throw from Homesense (I also saw this recently in a pale aqua-green and white was so hard for me NOT to pick it up!!)

I've wanted a damask wallpaper feature wall in my master bedroom for some time now, but I was always too afraid that the pattern would be too overpowering. After coming across P and T Interiors from Mady By Girl's blog, I may think differently now... I mean, check out the wallpaper, curtains, stools...they're GORGEOUS! Is there anywhere I CAN'T put damask??? I don't think so!!

{images via P&T Interiors}

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