November 9, 2010

Chairs...and Foo Dogs!

I just picked up my new cream leather chairs today and I can't wait to get our TV room all set up!! I didn't realize how low they sat, so I'm still hoping that the new coffee table we bought still works with them (I'm sure it will!).  Along with the chairs, I also bought a GIANT silver striped vase (for my entrance?? Literally, it's like 42 inches tall!), a glass base lamp, 4 little wall art mirrors, a (fake) orchid plant (I'm not normally a fan of fake plants, but this looks SO nice), and a pair of foo dogs (that will be a DIY project of mine to paint them white) like below...I thought they were VERY cheesy when I first saw them while I was helping sort our Interior Designer's storage units at work. But then I saw an ugly dragon figurine turned into a timeless, more expensive looking figurine on The Nate Show with Nate Berkus.

Here's a picture of what my Foo Dogs (also known as Chinese Dogs) look like (except mine are an olive green). Won't they look so much better white?? I'm thinking of putting one of these guys on the shelves that will go behind our new chairs.
 "Foo Dogs are typically used in Asian art & sculptures.  They are protective, strong, and courageous."

Here is a picture of the dragon I saw on an episode of The Nate Show (click here for the DIY from Nate's show)

The dragon before (not the prettiest, huh?)

And the dragon after (an audience member thought it cost about $250 from a store)  Nate proved a simple DIY project could turn the ugly foo dogs I saw -- which  I thought were gargoyles!! -- into something amazing, so I grabbed them!!

I don't know about you, but I think I'm addicted to DIY projects now...I've only done one (my jewelry picture frames), but now I look at so many things and think, "that could be a DIY project!!"

'Til next time!

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