November 24, 2010

De-clutter...and me?

Since I will be off Christmas shopping tomorrow, I decided to post twice today (I'm hoping I can post everyday, minus the weekends or holidays...). 

Does anyone else have a problem with clutter taking over their kitchen? OMG...we do!!  And it's our kitchen because that's the main pit-stop in our house...first place we go when we walk in)  Now, I like to think that I'm not the problem, but, lets face it, my husband can't be responsible for ALL the clutter!!  One of my pet peeves is clutter. I hate it. I try to stay on top of it and not keep junk sitting around, but I know I leave my share behind as well.  My husband comes home and (if he's checked the mail), comes in, and places all the mail and flyers right smack on the kitchen counter as soon as he enters.  Then, he proceeds to do other things while leaving the pile of unsorted junk on the counter. I am typically the one to toss the flyers immediately in the recycle bin (where it can be grabbed if you want to look at later), and sort the mail (recycle, junk, and bills). The bills go in my purse to pay the next day (if I see it sticking out, I know I have to pay it soon), and the rest get tossed or recycled.  But there's always other junk that piles up on the counters. You know what I'm talking about; receipts, coupons, gift cards, keys, sunglasses, etc etc.  Well...I just came across the blog, A Thoughtful Place, where she describes her solution to "the pile" here. Now I think I NEED to find a little holder like she has on her counter (and once we get a new knife set and get rid of our "The Ex" knife-man block --which I do love, it just takes up too much space -- we will have the room for it!) Isn't this a great idea?
 She ensures to wake up every morning with a clutter-free kitchen
 The holder....

 Throughout the day, things slowly accumulate....

But at the end of the day, she ensures to sort and file all the clutter so she can start off on a clean note the next day!!

Now...she does have a few kids, so there are a lot more things piled up at the end of the day than ours would...but at least it's a start for where my hubby could always put things. (although, I have to admit, I still think the flyers should immediately be recycled...they just take up way too much space, don't you agree?)

What do you think?

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  1. We have a junk spot on our counter too!! I love the idea of a little tray or plate to collect it all.