November 17, 2010

Photography Course #1 - Done!

I had my last class of my first photography course last night. Sad that it's over, but I did learn a lot about my digital SLR camera. Can't wait to take another course and learn more!!  Here are a few pictures from my picture taking adventure.  The colors might be slightly off, but the point of the assignment (after day #2) was just to get a working exposure and meter to zero.  We learned why our colors were off in the other class and how to adjust things...

We could hear people laughing at us as my friend and I were taking pictures of this storefront.  Yes, it's a sex shop.  But it's a beautiful sign....

My friend and I were supposed to get a motion shot.  I panned on her as she walked and set the shutter speed at about 1/6 second to get the blurry background. Her leg is also slightly blurry, but I got this on my first shot. I just require more practice, that's all!

Walking around the mall made us thirsty....

We went to the mall because we wanted to get our motion shots from Galaxyland.  Sadly, it was closed to the public because it was rented out for a Christmas party...

We attempted some motion shots from the gates (obviously not this picture...), but someone actually stopped to observe the amusement park beside us, got all excited, and asked, "Is there a celebrity in there?!?"  Nope...just some photography students practicing and looking liking creepers.... haha

Our instructor told us that some photographers will actually zoom while they're taking a picture. So we tried.  Kind of a cool effet, huh?

We were trying for some 'silhouette' shots...but I got this instead. I do like the sun bubbles though

Just a pic of 'the ship' at West Edmonton Mall to end our photo taking adventure.

{Image by Krystal}

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