November 4, 2010


Welcome to Blue Ribbon Studio! I've recently stumbled upon an obsession for a number of things, and instead of blog-stalking all the time, I thought I should start putting out my own thoughts and designs! I hope you'll join me as I start to experience the new world of blogging!

As I'm in the process of getting some new white leather chairs for my tv room, and we've recently done (not finished!) a bunch of renos in the house, I'm trying to design the (new) space. As my husband and I have quite different tastes, it's set to be a challenge.  A few years ago I bought him a large black & white autographed Wayne Gretzky picture, which now hangs in our tv room. I didn't want to be one of those wives who didn't give my husband his "own room", so I said we could do the tv room in hockey/sports memorabilia (as long as it was tasteful and not tacky!).  Since then, he's collected a few other framed prints as gifts which have been added to the room. Now, with our differening decorative tastes (mine tend to lay slightly contemporary with a hint of traditional while his are quite traditional) the new chairs and my idea for the design may cause a problem...

Although he likes the chairs (picked up at a great price through my job...), I'm afraid he won't like my idea for the area....While my inspiration comes from some shelving displays as seen here on one of my favorite blogs to follow (Parlour), and other places (such as Pottery Barn -- which we don't have in my Canadian city...sad!), here are a few of my ideas for the space:
My inspiration...but maybe with less clutter
My idea (I also changed the wall color using Paint --anyone know a better photoshop program?? -- which we also differ in tastes!). I want to creat my own stencil art on canvas using inspirational sports quotes, such as "Luck is what happens when preperation meets opportunity" -- which my husband loves but I didn't realize was a sports quote until I discovered it was a coach that said it! Perfect!

my inspiration for my own Typography Art (above by Coulson Macleod, as I found from Made By Girl)

(soon-to-be) my 2 new chairs!

What do you think?? Are my designs ok?? Are the images too small? My first attempt at blogging!! Have I done ok? Is anyone out there? Regardless....'til next time!

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  1. Hi, I love the chairs, could you please tell me where you got them?