February 3, 2011

A House I Wish I Had....

As I'm obsessed with houses and floor plans, I just had to post this picture (floor plan) of a house my friend recently bought. I'm so jealous happy for her!  Wouldn't you love to live in a house like this?? Vaulted ceilings, skylights, THREE fireplaces, 3 bedrooms (one is labelled a "den" even though it has a closet....), a living room AND a family room, and a screened in deck!! I'm in love, and I haven't even seen it in person yet....(sigh). Congrats!

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  1. Thanks friend!! I am excited too. (I am the friend who bought this house). It was built in 1987, which is often much more fun to buy an existing older house and then make it your own by redecorating, as opposed to building a new one from scratch. The best thing about an older home is that you get way more square footage and a bigger yard for less cost!