February 19, 2011

Buy now, think later??

After returning my Old Hollywood Pics (along with a few other items that didn't work out) to Homesense, I was left with a gift card and a want to shop (bad combo??). I set out for a few things (which I found - $5 each!), but then came across this piece of art (excuse the bad/small iPhone photo):

And as a way to infuse color into our master bedroom, this art jumped out at me. Not sure how it'll look in the room yet (or if my hubby will even like it), but I think it will go quite well with our curtains and wall color (which i will show once the room is finished-- and the curtains DO look like the Homesav pic and the walls look more grey and monochromatic with the curtains). But, as Christine from just bella suggests (and i now FULLY agree!) with Homesense is "buy now, think later". As the items I returned were actually purchased with Xmas gift cards (and then refunded on gift cards), this painting I consider technically FREE. So, if we don't like it in the end, it can be returned. Win-win, right? What do you think?

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  1. Haha, love it! Am I a bad influence on you? Haha. I'm one of those really good people to shop with or really bad...Your hubs is going to hate me ;)