March 21, 2011

Income Property

Do any of you watch Income Property on HGTV? Well, it's usually ME in the house who watches those kind of shows. But the other day, I caught my hubby watching Income Property.  Of course I joined in (my kind of show!!), and I loved the outcome of this basement suite. Specifcally the entrance slatwall (made of leftover toe kicks from the kitchen cabinets).  I instantly thought we should do one (although, my hubby quickly pointed out that there's no where in the house to actually put one....)....sigh.... I just thought it'd be a great way to put some decorative coat hooks on the wall (so that people actually hang their coats up when they visit us!! Everyone walks up the 4 stairs first, instead of stopping at the entrance and taking their coat off and hanging it in the closet...which, by the way, also currently has NO DOORS on it and there are a TONNE of hangers!!)....ok, my little rant is done now....

At first, this is the slatwall that caught my attention....

(excuse the poor images...HGTV doesn't make it easy to re-post pics....)

But as I looked at the images on the internet, I also thought I'd share a few more....

In the before image, the inset shelves looked out of place...but in the finished product, they made good use of the space and they look intentionally made. (photo tip: when taking pics of bathrooms, ALWAYS put the seat down....heck, just put the seat down ALL THE TIME!!) *smile*

It's not an overly large room, but they made great use of the space!

I told my hubby THIS is the office chair I want. I am in L-O-V-E (see here) the way, I know my hubby doesn't read my blog very often, but when you do catch up, just know that there's a Crate and Barrel where your brother lives, and that chair can be found there...hint hint....(good present idea!) [and if not FOUND there, it can probably be SHIPPED there!]

This kitchen was AWFUL before (see here). All they did to the cabinets was get new doors! Seriously!! A company came in and recovered the sides and added new custom doors. What a beautiful basement suite now!

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  1. I LOVE Income Property! Scott McGillvry and his team always have clever design ideas. Two things:

    1. I just bought storage boxes like the ones in the first pic. The ones on the bottom shelf. They're at Ikea! Great bargain.

    2. I've seen office chairs similar to the one you love so much at Finesse on Calgary Trail. I don't know how atrocious the price is, but they might be worth a look :-)

  2. I also like income property because income property has the potential to sell for a much more expensive price if you can prove that it brings in a substantial income.