March 4, 2011

House with Slide

Can you imagine having a SLIDE in your house?? That's exactly what a Japanese studio, Level Architects, did in Tokyo, Japan.  Connecting 3 floors with a staircase on the left and a slide on the right.  You can choose to slide down, or take the stairs?!? Are you kidding me? Hello, SLIDE!!!  Or, if you want to have fun, try running up the slide to get up!! Haha.  Wouldn't this be a fun house??  To read more about it, visit Dezeen here.

{images via Dezeen}

Have a good weekend!!!


  1. AWESOME! Wow that would be the best house to live in as a kid. (And probably as an adult too. I hate stairs haha)

  2. very cool find! I wonder how you'd clean that? ha ha... still, I'd buy that house.