March 8, 2011

My Master Bedroom...Artwork dilema

As I mentioned in my last post, I have an artwork dilema.  Our master bedroom needs some color.  And I have no idea what to do.  First, I bought these curtains via Homesav.

{image above via Homesav}
{all images below are personal photos}

Next, I bought this art from Homesense.

At first, I thought I could infuse purple and green into the room. (afterall, I do have this vase on the dresser...).  Because this art is larger than I thought it would be, it wouldn't go above our bed (too large!!), and would probably (if we go with this one) replace the mirror above our dresser and I'd hang a full length mirror on the small angle wall in our room...

But then I thought that since the curtains already shimmered blue, would it be too much to have blue, purple, green AND yellow in the room?!?  The art doesn't have any blue in it, but it does have the perfect shades of our wall color...was it meant to be?

And then I remembered we had a blue bedskirt in the spare room.  So I removed that and put it on the master bed, and voila.  Looks good, right? But do I return the purple, green and yellow art? Or integrate the four colors into one room?  (I don't have to keep the bedskirt, we just had it..I'd actually prefer a wooden frame and no bedskirt!)

After pulling in the blue, I also remembered that I had a painting I did and haven't hung yet.  Originally this was meant for the bathroom, but when the two canvas' turned out to be too large for the bathroom wall, it was left sitting around.  It's not the same color blue, but it's in the family, right?

What do you think? I need some opinions! Do I stick to blue? Or try all 4 colors? Do I go with the purple, green, and yellow art? Or my own painting?  (note: the bird pictures above the bed are meant to be replaced with antiqued wedding prints...I bought the frames simply for the gorgeous matting, not the prints inside)


  1. I LOVE the antique colour scheme with the dark furniture mixed pale blue and white. I think you should stick with that. You've already nailed it! The bedroom looks beautiful!

  2. I love the blue you've got going on too! I think that artwork you had for the bathroom would work great... you're right, it's in the family so it totally goes. Maybe above the bed?

  3. Oh bedroom decor dilemmas! Personally, I think integrating the four colors you have (green, yellow, blues and purples) would be too much for a room your size. So return the other painting. Work with what you've got and keep it simple! With the lamps, have you thought about those hotelly looking lamps that HomeSense carries (the ones with the faux crystal base)...may be nice to brighten up the room and tie in those fab drawer pulls you have!