March 16, 2011

Black and White Delight

Have you heard of House of Turquoise? Well, if so (and if not...), did you know Erin also has a blog for every color?? Ok...maybe I'm exaggerating on the EVERY color part, but I did find her Black and White Delight one, and I'm LOVING it.... I love damask, and I love black and white... hello! Perfect for me! Just to name a few, here are some crazy and cool finds:

Just thought I'd share!! She finds some amazing stuff...I'm sure she does with every other color too!!


  1. I did NOT know she had another blog, off to check it out! I love b&w, thanks for the tip, Krystal!

  2. Saw a damask mickey bag in disneyland, where the mickey's were integrated into the damask pattern. Super cute. Thought of you, I always see damask everywhere!