March 9, 2011

My Master Bedroom....lamp dilema

Since I first posted my master bedroom changes and dilemas, why stop? I still need to finish it, right?  On top of the art dilema, I also want to change up the lamps.  The lamps are nice, but a little boring.  Should I buy material and recover the lamp shade?  Just buy some ribbon to glue along the top or bottoms to infuse some color? Or, inspired by several blogger DIYs like Leah from The Way We Are, should I paint the base????

{personal photo}

{Here are the lamps that Leah from The Way We Are painted}

And her finished product {via}

And dependant on the color in the room (of course...), but is that blue like the curtains and my own artwork? Or purple, green, or yellow like the other artwork??? So many decisions....


  1. I would say paint the bottom to add colour! It would be quite bold depending on what colour you chose, but it would be great. Even in a dark purple that catches on the sun or light only would be so nice! Then find a nice white shade to contrast, or even a gray if you want to tie in everything, but that might be to much gray. You could even do black shades and purple! Not a lot of light gets let off though, been there done that! :)

  2. Oooh, turquoise base with bright white shade would be lovely!


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  4. What about something crazy like this:

    Too much?

    (Sorry for the deletion before, my first link didn't work.)

  5. I think you should totally paint the base! Any of the colours you choose would add some punch to the room.

  6. Oh! Definitely paint the base. Maybe you could paint the base a crisp white and paint/recover the shade in a bright color?! Anything will be wonderful, though!