March 22, 2011

Fabric Hunting for Pillows

I haven't had a chance to make it to Earthly Goods Quilting in Edmonton (as recommended by Christine at just bella) to search for fabric yet for pillows (I think I'm waiting 'til the house is painted, so I can get a better idea for the couch). But in the meantime, I discovered Tonic Living through Rambling Renovators blog, and I've found myself searching and finding possible options for some throw pillows for my master bedroom....

What do you think of these? (click here to see my current bedroom, newly painted lamps, and possible artwork...)

Chelsea, Kelp

Feeling Groovy, spa
Dapper Stripe, Robin's Egg
Large Whimsy Doozie, Teal
Outdoor - Soho, Robin
Qautrefoils, Breeze
Stanford, Teal
Sweet William, Teal
Varenna, Chocolate
{all images via Tonic Living}

I love the softer shades of blue, but the teals would work well if I put up my teal artwork...but the softer shades would work better if I choose a soft shade for the lamp base... I suppose I could mix a few fabrics for pillows, right??

In some of the pics from Rambling Renovators trip to Tonic Living in Toronto, you can see the Fruitbowl fabric, and a version of Chelsea and Feeling Groovy in different colors..... hmmm...


  1. I love Large Whimsy Doozie, and Sweet William!

  2. That Whimsy Doozie is gorgeous! I have the Dapper Stripe in Robins Egg blue... I'll be using it to make a cover for our seating bench in our basement. It's just as lovely in person! :)

  3. Oh the Sweet William is so nice! Really like your blog!!

  4. I just ordered a few samples from Tonic Living last month - Sweet William and a few others. They've got some great fabrics! I love the Whimsy Doozie and Chelsea,Kelp as well!

  5. wow. fabric porn!!! great blog, thanks for the shout-out and for stopping by today! you're right about the cord covers ;)