March 1, 2011

Quote...(via Flipflops & Pearls)

I saw this quote on Flipflops & Pearls awhile ago, and I was brought back to it this weekend, so I had to share.  People often tell me I can be direct or blunt..or that I "tell it like it is".  I'm working on softening my technique a little, but every now and then I'm reminded that there's nothing wrong with being direct. "It's brave", as my husband said this weekend. Brave.  I like that! I can still use some softening, and sometimes that just takes thinking for an extra second or two before I voice my opinion. Maybe this quote will hit home with you too.
{image via Flipflops & Pearls via here}

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  1. Amen to this! What a great reminder!!

    Happy Tuesday Dear! xo

    Oh, and pop by today for my perfume GIVEAWAY!!