April 13, 2011

Doctors and Derrieres

What are you doing on Friday night? If you live in or around Edmonton, you should check out the 6th annual Doctors and Derrieres exhibition, from 7-11pm at Enterprise Square.

My sister-in-law, Crystal Driedger, will once again be participating and will have her work, along with several other local artists, up for auction.  Her nude sketches are some of my favorite pieces. (if I could show them on here without exposing certain areas, I would! But see here and here for a quick sample of what you can expect, and come to the show to see more!)

"The idea behind this fundraiser is to have medical students pose nude for talented local artists and sculptors. Art pieces in diverse mediums celebrating the human body are then donated by each artist to be sold at the main event each year to raise funds for an emergency health Project in El Salvador .All proceeds support Change for Children's Emergency Social Health Fund. A community-led grassroots initiative in rural El Salvador that provides health care in underserved areas." ~ via doctorsandderrieres.blogspot.com

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  1. Dang! Did I tell you how awesome you are? Seriously love the plug. Hope you can come! There's going to be some great food, live music and of course, lovely artwork.