April 12, 2011

My Other Find...

Yesterday, I told you of my mirrored makeup chest find in Lloydminster this past weekend.  Today, I show you my other find.  It's not much, but it'll help keep our back door looking more organized!

Our new shoe rack!!

Yes, that's a rag (to wipe the dog's feet)...(in the background, you can also see yet another Homesense purchase - a subway-art(ish) canvas [listing different wine types]. I purchased it [along with a few other canvas' when I returned my "buy now, think later" purchase]

Since we don't have an attached garage, we often park on the gravel pad in the back, and we don't have a closet at the back entry of our house. Our pile of shoes was often out of control!

The wall looks a lot brighter than it really is...it's a nice medium-deep red [Global Spice by General Paint], and is a feature wall that runs from the front to the back of our four-level split house.
Now, it'll be nice and streamlined, with a special spot specifically for boots!

It may not look like much (or cost much - $19 at Canadian Tire!), but you don't understand how long I've been searching for a decent looking shoe rack!  I'm quite happy with it too!

We'll be prepping the house for paint this week (painting on the weekend!!), and I can't wait! To ensure the [ugly] yellow doesn't interfere with our new color (Portobello by Sico, which I found through my friend Andrea over at Ginger Flinch last summer - check out her renos, by the way!), we're priming the walls too.  It'll be a whole new house (again!), and then we can move on to finishing the renos (starting with the transition strips between floorings, as you can see in this pic). Stairs and baseboards/casings to follow this spring!

**It was brought to my attention that I haven't posted updated pics of our bedroom, since I repainted the lamps. I'll try to get some soon! We're also in the process of replacing the bird pictures above our bed with wedding pics, so maybe I'll wait 'til it's all done...maybe....**


  1. It's amazing how much excitement something like a shoe rack can bring, haha! We were in the same boat as you - our front closet just had shoes piled up insde and it always bothered me. We bought almost the same rack a few months ago and now everything is so nicely organized! (You got a better deal though, I think ours was $40 at Bed Bath and Beyond. Sigh.)

  2. I love it! We are in the same boat as you as well - our back door are patio doors leading onto our deck...so our "back door" is a complete mess with shoes and prints, etc. Unfortunately we don't really have a space for a shoe rack! I'll have to send you pics one day (or post on my blog) and maybe you can provide some expertise!