April 15, 2011


While visiting my friend in Lloydminster last weekend, we spoke A LOT about interiors and decorating.  She just moved into a new house and is in need of more furniture, and changing the decor and paint colors to suit their taste.  I mentioned a headboard I saw on a blog, and thought I'd share it with you as well. I'm sure most of you are familiar with Christine at Just Bella, and her guest bedroom shown here:

{images above via Just Bella}
Using casings to frame a headboard, and wallpaper to fill it in, it adds a splash of color to the room and looks stunning, doesn't it?

I also found another DIY headboard over at Stylizimo, using an old pallet.

{image via Stylizimo}
And what about this rustic headboard from Decorpad....

{image via Decorpad}
And then there's this colorful headboard, which I found through Melissa's blog, Hare Styling, from Domino online.  It may or may not be DIY, but it's gorgeous nonetheless...

{image via Hare Styling}
And, since I don't know where else to throw this image in (and I've had it saved for a long time), check out this cool kids room

{image via Decorpad}


  1. I love pallets as headboards in modern rooms. The balance is so lovely. I do worry about how to properly prep a pallet - I've heard they have some chemicals in them? Guess I need to do a little more research...:)

  2. The love headboard is seriously my favorite ever!

  3. OMG the yellow and the pink headboards are amazing!!