April 21, 2011


I'm always on the hunt for cheap art for my house (isn't everyone?).  Since repainting my house this past weekend, we started hanging art around the house the other night.  Some of the pieces I bought awhile ago, just weren't working anywhere.  Now I need (ok, WANT more than NEED), some other pieces to fill some blank walls. But we have no budget for art. Enter: cheap art.  Ok, so cheap still has a price tag, but it's a lot more reasonable than our other options.  Maybe I can take some unique photos soon, and use Posterjack.ca.  I read about Posterjack via Style at Home Blog and it sounds wonderful.  A Canadian company (always a plus to find a local!), you can get a 24"x36" photo printed for around $24 (correction, $19 sale right now!!), and have a 8x12 photo printed & framed for around $30.  A company that can blow up your images and still look good??  I think I might be checking them out in the near future....Frames are usually an easy find (enter Ikea....)

{Images via Style at Home Blog}

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