April 14, 2011

Sarah 101

I'm a little sad that Sarah 101 is now over, aren't you?  Although this year Sarah Richardson used a lot more color than she typically does, I think the majority of her rooms looked amazing. While the episodes aired, I was a little disappointed with the lack of neutral, calm rooms.  But as I went through each episode and picked my favorites from the season, I realized I liked more than I thought I did...

Here are some of my highlights from the season...

This was my ultimate favorite. The Sophisto-Nursery.  This is what I want to do when we have kids (no, not yet..my friend said it best, "the more you ask, the longer we wait" haha).  Maybe different colors, depending if we have a boy or girl, and pencil or ink sketches by my sister-in-law of the Winnie the Pooh characters (as my hubby INSISTS on Winnie the Pooh).  Crystal, I already warned you after I saw this episode. It's a must. Now you can see what I'm talking about. ;) You're the best!

Big Box Kitchen

I LOVED this clock.  If I can't do this (see here), I want to make a clock!
Clutter Free Basement

Fresh Laundry
Contemporary Living I love how they sewed two area rugs together!
City Chic Condo Black, White & Grey, how could I not like this one?  Could use a few colorful pillows in my opinion.  And Sarah took all the photos on the wall herself!

You can't see it well in this picture, but the hand-stamped canvas that Tommy & Sarah did was TO DIE FOR!  You'll have to watch the episode to get a close-up and see what I'm talking about. AMAZING.

Boho Chic Girls' Room To save space, she placed two beds end-to-end and built one frame for them. Brilliant!

{images via HGTV.ca}


  1. I really liked her "Clutter Free Basement." I thought it looked so comfortable and fun! I told Kelsey we should copy her window treatment (the full length curtains) to disguise our high, small basement windows. His response was, "Who is that stupid? Who is going to FORGET they're in a basement?"

    Sigh. Men.

  2. I'm sad it's over too :( It's too hard to pick my favourite, but the clutter-free basement was super inspiring for my cluttery basement that could use some major love!

  3. Looks like I missed out on an amazing show full of ideas! Your friend Ginger's comment made me laugh. I LOVE the clock idea. So clean yet fresh.