April 11, 2011

My Makeup Desk

This weekend I visited a friend in Lloydminster. Of all the places, I made a few finds.  And, to top it off, at stores that are also available (and I regularly visit) in Edmonton.  Today, I show you my makeup desk. The desk is an old computer desk my hubby grew up with when he lived with his parents.  But when I moved out on my own, they let me use it. Ever since we moved in together, it has been my makeup desk.  Our bathroom is EXTREMELY small, so there was never enough room for the two of us to get ready at the same time (and I like my routines!).  An office/makeup room was born.

At Winners in Lloyd, I came across this mirrored beauty.  It now houses all my makeup (pretty comfortably too!), and looks gorgeous at the same time.

How much do you love that mirror?? OMG. I also found that at Winners (in Calgary), last summer.  I finally hung it, as I thought my new cleaned makeup desk deserved a fresh look, with the mirror.

The room also doubles as my office, so in the background you can see my filing cabinet

Now, the entire desk. I warn you (and don't judge me) there is a lot of stuff stacked into this thing.  Our house lacks storage space for such goodies as hair brushes, blowdryers, nail polish, etc etc.

I warned you...there was a lot of stuff in this desk! The desk (although not the most comfortable as a computer desk), works well for all my needs (I keep telling my hubby I want an ACTUAL makeup desk, but really, this has more storage than any makeup desk I've seen. It's not the prettiest, as it's all out in the open, but it works). 

The top left shelf houses my extra perfume (I love Escada and I love choice!), and all my nail polish and pedicure paraphernalia. The bottom left is miscellanous items, the middle holds all my hair brushes, headbands, etc.  The right holds all the goodies. Until the mirrored box came into my possession, all my hair product was sitting on the top (where my perfume is), and my makeup was in the green basket.  I could easily pull it out, set it on top of the desk, apply my makeup, and put it back. Now, I will do the same with my hair product (as this often looked disheveled anyways).

Behind the basket, and on the bottom shelf, lies my stock of professional hair product.  That's right. ALL OF IT.  My hubby's sister is a hair stylist, and she recently relocated to Bali with her hubby.  With only seeing her once a year now, I had a panic attack and we stocked up on supplies at the distributor before she left after Christmas.  I may have went a little overboard, as I spent closet to $400....(sigh). Good thing is, we have more than enough shampoo & conditioner (located on the bottom) to last us awhile (she's not returning until Christmas, but I'm thinking this supply might last longer than that, what do you think?).  Behind the green basket (my current use of hair product) is all the extras...that's right, you see 4 bottles of hairspray (I like Rusk W8less), another bottle of shine spray (Bed Head Headrush), two bottles of mousse (Catwalk Root Boost), two bottles of smoothing serum (Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum), leave in conditioner spray (It's A 10 --> wonderful and light!!), and two bottles of smoothing cream (Bed Head After Party).  (My $400 purchase at the distributors also included a new clipper set, as I cut both my brothers' hair and my hubby's, as the old one just wasn't cutting it....haha..literally!)

I may have went a little nuts, but I definitely won't need any product while she's out of the country!
Tomorrow, I will show you my other purchase....


  1. Repurposing a work desk as a makeup table - I love it! It may be simple but the mirror really brings the combo to life. I wish I had a makeup room/office!

  2. Lovely! Perfect place for makeup! I've actually been searching for a mirrored jewelry box, I hope I have the same luck!

  3. I have the same mirror!! Love it:)