June 17, 2011

3rd Annual Lobsterfest

In celebration of my birthday (the 21st) and my mom's 50th birthday (the 12th), we're having a joint event by having our family's 3rd Annual Lobsterfest tomorrow.  And I can't wait for this deliciousness......Mmmmm....I'm drooling already!!

It should be EXTRA delicious, since we bought my mom this Frozen Concoction Margaritaville Machine for her birthday:

I also have all intentions of making this cake today (ok, I'm HOPING I made the cake last night -- just a plain cake, the intricate vertical layered cake will have to wait 'til another time...when I have more time - since this post was written ahead of time anyways...). This morning (if I made a cake), I have all intentions of decorating it like this:

{image via I Am Baker}
My time is limited today though, as we also have to go set up for my mother-in-law's 50th birthday party that's tonight, so morning is my only free time.... hoping I had the energy last night to make a cake and the energy again this morning to decorate it....otherwise, a special cake will have to wait 'til maybe my hubby's birthday in July.... (does anyone else call May to July "birthday season"?? Between May 21st and July 14th, we have 9 birthdays in our immediate families alone...Thank goodness we've past the recent hump of "wedding season" amongst our friends!! Summer is a busy time for us!!)

Couldn't you just stare at this cake all day??? Mmmmmmm


  1. Stare at it? I want to EAT that cake!! June is a huge birthday month in my family - we're having lobster dinner this weekend too celebrating my best friends birthday, my dad's birthday and father's day!

    Enjoy your weekend, Krystal!

  2. I LOVE that cake! It looks so pretty! Reminds me a lot of my wedding cake :-)


    So how did it turn out??

    Andrea @ Ginger Flinch