June 24, 2011

Wedding Decor

As I mentioned yesterday, I've been strumming through some old photos... I came across our wedding pics and thought I'd share a little wedding decor with you, since it's wedding season and all. 

(pssst....Georgie, these are the bows we have for the pews...simple, translucent white with an iridescent trim)

Sorry, not much "decor" in this one, but I just had to throw this one in here...it just seems so serene and dramatic at the same time. And to think, I didn't want to wear a veil!!! But I'm glad I did, because I LOVED them in pictures!!! (my Mom even made it, since I didn't want to pay $150+ for something I didnt' want to wear in the first place....and she made it for $15 or less!!!)

I knew I wanted black, for the simplicity and timelessness that black offers, but I also knew I wanted to throw in a splash of color.  Each of the girls had a different color jewel-toned sash, and the guys had matching ties (sorry, I blurred their faces incase any of them didn't want their pictures posted)

These are some of my favorite photos...but they just weren't good for blowing up in our room...sigh.  I loved our photographers own wedding pictures so much, that I wanted to recreate it.  We had to use a different alley/escape ladder downtown, but they turned out gorgeous just the same!  (the scummiest of places can often make beautiful pictures!!)

It's amazing what some branches and white christmas lights can do for a room!!

This was our guest book table.  Those presents served as both our center pieces and our favors...inside were two bags of candy (Reese Pieces and Cabbage Patch Kids [some form of sour candy] - my hubby's favorite, and my favorite)  The picture doesn't show it well, but the black paper is also a damask print (I STILL have rolls of this gorgeous paper left 2 years later!! It's come in handy, especially since it's double-sided: grey & pink, and black & copper)  The centerpieces were time consuming, but well worth it!

I fell in love with this image, as it had two of my colors as well as a damask-ish pattern to it. It became the theme for all our invitations, ceremony programs, and menus.

Our wedding reception was held at an Italian hall, so it was only fitting to have some ice cream for dessert!

I also fell in love with the clean lines of my photographers own wedding cake, and asked for a similar interpretation

{images by Leah Rae Photography}

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  1. What a fun color scheme!! I love how your mom made your veil, it makes it special. Thanks for sharing!