June 9, 2011

My Perfect Score

A few weekends ago, my work had a Showhome Furniture Sale for it's employee's, friends, and family....and I scored BIG!  Other than our bedrooms, the sectional, our kitchen table and our televisions, everything in the house is furnished by old showhome furniture. And I LOVE it!!

I had volunteered and helped organize the storage units a few times through the weeks leading up to the sale, and also helped with the sale....so I knew what I wanted ahead of time... However, what I didn't realize (and what didn't happen last time!) was that the longer I sat around, the more items we found (and I wanted)! I started out just wanting the pictures (and the couch for my brother)....and ended up with everything else!  Plus, the longer the sale went out, the cheaper things got!! (YAY!!)

Here's what I scored (this time 'round):

I scored the glass vase on the right (actually, my hubby's Oma bought it for me, as by the end of the day, I was all out of cash!!) and the flowers/branches in the vase on the left

My hubby spotted these as the storage bins were being unloaded of all the big furniture at the beginning of the day, so that you could actually see and get to all the little items.  We scored these low back leather dining chairs (4 white/cream and 2 chocolate) for $30 each! And to think...he was MAD that I had volunteered him for some heavy lifting!! (he found the best score of the day!!)

These pictures were the only things I saw at first during my first few trips to the storage bins to help organize (I guess all the other goodies I found later were all tucked away at first...it was probably better that way!). We scored these for $15 each (which was pricey, considering how much we spent on everything else...but they were one of the first purchases of the day). They go great with the rest of the travel theme we have going on on the main floor.

I scored this vase at the last sale ($20) and topped it off with the remaining flowers I got (for free!). I'm not usually a fake plant lover, but these fake flowers look really good and add another hit of color -- and my favorite one too!)

This was my last purchase of the day....I was able to scrounge up $5 in change (yes, change!!) out of my car, and offered it up. The longer I looked at it, the more I wanted it...and they took it!  Again, fits right in with the rest of the travel theme (we have two pictures over our kitchen table that are etched glass of the Arc d'Triumphe and a building in New York) and some other Homesense finds (post to follow soon...)

Halfway through the day, my mom phoned and asked me to purchase some more hand towels for the cabin...On the way to the towel bin, I came across this Eiffel Tower and just HAD TO HAVE IT! I then passed by some red wine glasses that have a crackle/broken glass look to the bottom of them (forgot to take a picture, sorry!) and HAD to have those as well!! The purchase of the wine glasses, the Eiffel tower, and the remainder of the hand towels is what emptied my pockets (of a whopping $20!!).  And the Eiffel tower stands perfectly in the bathroom across from a painting of the Moulin Rouge (painted on the streets of Paris during our Europe trip)

We also walked away with a couch ($50), a chair ($30), and 5 throw pillows ($2 each!) for my brother and his family (I don't have pictures to upload...but I will!! They're GORGEOUS!!!) and a dining room table ($100) for my mom (she has been thinking about it non-stop since she past it over at the last sale - and was listed for $250 at that time - so she couldn't pass it up this time!) It does have some damage to it, but nothing that can't be fixed!  My hubby's family also scored some pretty good finds for themselves, and even came back a second time!! (which I was lucky they did -- as his Oma bought me that vase I was saw I couldn't afford -- for a whopping $5!!!)

UPDATE: Here are some pictures of the couch ($50) and the chair ($30) I scored for my brother's house (no, this is not an image of the furniture in their house...but it does look just as gorgeous!)


  1. Wow! Great finds! I miss going to the show home sales :-( My fave is that New York picture you found!
    Andrea @ Ginger Flinch

  2. I love the dining chairs that your scored! They are gorg!!!

    Thanks so much for the award ;)


  3. Yeah, dang do I wish that was our house! ha ha ha

  4. Wow! Great scores!! You can't go wrong with showhome pieces! I would love to go to something like this ;)

  5. totally digging the chairs, it all looks SO good!